Vote Early

All voters in Minnesota can vote early for Angie before Election Day. Voting early is a quick, easy, and safe way to make sure your voice is heard. To vote by mail, all you need to do is submit an application for an absentee ballot. To vote in person, you may find your polling place here.

Step #1: Fill out an application and an absentee ballot will be mailed straight to your door. Use the following instructions to complete your application.

To fill out an application, click the button below. Another window should open with the absentee application.


The window that opens should look like this:

Image of initial pop-up window for absentee application, which asks for name and email


Fill out your name and email, click 'Proceed to Document' and then you will be taken to the absentee application:

Image of top of online absentee ballot

Complete all required fields and sign the document electronically. Once you have completed the fields and signed, a 'Submit' button will appear in the bottom right:

Image of bottom of absentee application - 'Submit' button should appear once all required fields are completed. 

Submit your application. The window will refresh and you should see 'Executed' in the top right corner of the window. If you do not or have other problems with your application, please visit this Minnesota Secretary of State's webpage on voting:

Image of submitted absentee ballot - a square should appear in the top right corner that says 'Executed' 

Once your application is completed, your ballot will be mailed to you. Ballots will be sent beginning on Friday, June 29 for the Primary Election, and on Friday, September 21 for the General Election. The Secretary of State recommends that you apply for a mail ballot before Friday, July 13 for the Primary Election and before Friday, October 5 for the General Election to get your ballot on time.




Step #2: Complete your ballot.

Make sure you fill out the circle for Angie (as well as the rest of the circles) and follow the instructions on your ballot. To complete your ballot, you will need a witness when you fill the ballot out. The witness can either be a registered Minnesota voter or notary.


Step #3: Return your ballot.

Once you complete your ballot, mail the ballot back in the return envelope provided in the packet you received - no stamp required!