Craig Highlights Policy Solutions in KSTP Debate


October 21, 2018


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Representative Jason Lewis dedicated the debate to attempting to deflect from his hyper-partisan voting record

Eagan, Minn. - During this afternoon’s Second District debate on KSTP-TV, Angie Craig highlighted her policy solutions for the middle class while her opponent Representative Jason Lewis attempted to deflect attention from his hyper-partisan voting record. Lewis votes over 96 percent of the time with the Republican party.

“Healthcare costs are rising while wages for most Americans are stagnant,” said Craig. "Congress needs to get back to creating solutions that actually address these challenges. On day one, I'll get to work on measures to stabilize the healthcare market, bring down the costs of prescription drugs, and push for strong investments in the middle class."  

Craig has consistently stressed the need to close corporate tax loopholes and make stronger investments in the middle class. Lewis voted to pass a tax bill that gave 80 percent of the benefits to the top 5 percent of the richest Americans and corporations.

With Lewis’s vote for the American Health Care Act (AHCA), he attempted to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions. In the Second District, thousands (51 percent) of people under age 65 have a pre-existing condition. Craig has advocated to boost competition in the marketplace through a Medicare buy-in option and stressed the need to pursue bipartisan stabilization measures like reauthorizing and making permanent the federal reinsurance program.

While Craig has proposed sweeping campaign finance reforms. Her Clean Campaign, Clean Government agenda includes overturning Citizens United through a constitutional amendment, making companies disclose political activity, requiring dark money groups to disclose their donors, and closing the revolving door of politicians turning around and lobbying their friends and former colleagues in Congress. Lewis does not favor campaign finance reforms.

Throughout her campaign, Craig has emphasized the need to support and fully fund public education, incentivize career and technical training, and facilitate public-private partnerships to help bridge the skills gap.


Craig is a former journalist and healthcare leader who lives with her wife and four sons in Eagan. She is challenging Representative Jason Lewis in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District. Please visit to learn more.




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