KTTC-TV: Angie Craig discusses changing healthcare in Wabasha

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WABASHA, Minn. (KTTC) – Candidates aren’t slowing down now that we’re just one week out.

A candidate for congress in Minnesota’s second district is talking health care in rural areas.

On Tuesday, Angie Craig talked with local healthcare providers and public health officials about ways to improve access to healthcare in under served communities in Minnesota.

She hosted a round table conversation focused on rural healthcare needs in Wabasha.

Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes local officials, healthcare experts and residents who have been impacted by the lack of healthcare resources in the area also joined the conversation.

Attendees discussed the need to make healthcare more affordable and accessible, especially in rural areas, where the availability of providers to residents is below the state average for primary care physicians, dentists and mental health providers.

“When you have a community where you have to drive over 20 miles away to go see a physician it’s really, really a challenge. And so I think hospitals and physician practices, we’re going to have to get more creative in how we deliver health care,” said Craig. “Whether that be specialty services through Telehealth in the future. And at the end of the day, I want to know as a member of the federal delegation how I can help this community be successful and stay healthy.”

According to the 2014 Wabasha County Community Health Improvement plan, the county has one mental health provider per 21,873 residents.

Craig spent more than 20 years working in two healthcare manufacturing companies, she is challenging Representative Jason Lewis.

“I believe we ought to open up Medicare for a buy-in if you choose to do it. Just like you would buy a plan from Blue Cross or from United Health Care. And if we did that in places in places in this congressional district it would double the number of choices that people have. So I think, you know, more competition is healthy,” said Craig.

She also said both sides of the isle should work together to solve the county’s health care crisis.





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